Learning Russian is hard, but it's far easier now than it used to be. Now there is a seemingly endless trove of resources available to help you, from online news reports, to YouTube videos, to searchable dictionaries. But you have to be careful. Don't trust every resource you can find from a search engine. Instead, trust resources that other language students have used, and that have proven results. Russian is too important to not waste time using bad resources.


As a language student, you’re probably on the move a lot. Whether you’re travelling abroad or moving around your city, this is a great time to sit down with a nice Russian textbook and start practicing! These books are great ways to improve your reading and writing, become more comfortable using the language, and expand your vocabulary to endless possibilities.


When you learn a language, you have to divide and conquer. Leaving instruction to trained professionals will help you put your effort towards keeping your skills up. Whether you're looking for colleges, are a current college student, or a member of the military, these are some of the best Russian language programs in the nation. We’ve also included summer language programs, because they’re a great way to stay on top of your Russian skills.


You've opened up a whole world of opportunities by learning Russian. But why stop there? Why not take a look at what you can do now that you speak one of the world’s hardest languages? Check out these guides for study abroad options and financial incentives, as well as post-graduation planning—such as language testing requirements and job openings! You’ve put so much time into learning, why not get something for it?


As with any type of language learning, some resources will be may be related to government media, news sites etc.  We do not support state-controlled media but we know for a linguist, these news services offer useful information on cultural, scientific, and economic topics.