Learning Chinese is hard. But imagine how much harder it was before the internet! There is a seemingly endless amount of resources available right at your fingertips! Whether you want to improve your listening by streaming audio and video lessons, or you want to blend culture and reading by accessing texts, finding the best Chinese language sites is going to help you learn better. These resources are ones that have helped students just like yourself improve their language skills!


 As a language student, you’re probably on the move a lot. Whether you’re travelling abroad or moving around your city, this is a great time to sit down with a nice Chinese textbook and start practicing! These books are great ways to improve your reading and writing, become more comfortable using the language, and expand your vocabulary to endless possibilities.


Is trying to learn Chinese on your own stressing you out? Leave it to a trained professional! Spend your free time reinforcing your Chinese skills, not learning them! Ideal for high school seniors who want to get involved in world affairs, current college students, as well as members of the military, these are some of the best Chinese language programs in the nation.


Chinese is more than just a check box on your college language requirement. Now that you have these skills, why not take a look at what you can do now that you speak one of the world’s hardest languages? These resources will advise you on how to transfer your academic skills to real-world experience! You’ve put so much time into learning Chinese, why not get something for it?