Learning Arabic is far easier now than any time in the past. Now there are seemingly endless resources available, from streaming audio and video lessons, to accessing texts from anywhere in the world. Of course, the downside over increased web access is that anyone can upload anything to the internet—regardless of whether or not it's true. These resources, broken down by category, are vetted, tested, and accurate. You have our promise.


As a language student, you’re probably on the move a lot. Whether you’re travelling abroad or moving around your city, this is a great time to sit down with a nice Arabic textbook and start practicing! These books are great ways to improve your reading and writing, become more comfortable using the language, and expand your vocabulary to endless possibilities.


Learning Arabic on your own is not just hard, it can actually hinder your progress. Why not let someone trained do the hard work? Ideal for high school seniors who want to get involved in world affairs, current college students, and members of the military as well, these are some of the best Arabic language programs in the nation. We’ve also included summer language programs, because they’re a great way to stay on top of your Arabic skills.


It’s one thing to take Arabic as a GPA booster. Now that you have these skills, why not take a look at what you can do now that you speak one of the world’s hardest languages? Check out these guides for study abroad options and financial incentives to study Arabic, as well as post-graduation planning—such as language testing requirements and job openings! You’ve put so much time into learning, why not get something for it?