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Our Approach

We are a resource and mentorship community website for language learners specializing in critical, less-commonly taught languages. We have scoured the internet to find the best dictionaries, books, and online resources to help you improve your language skills.

We provide guidance to language professionals all across the nation. We hope to grow the language community, find more resources and grow the community of language learners to fill the critical gap of resource sharing, mentorship and true language community.

Our Story

We understand how hard it is to learn one of these languages. Just like you, we sat through those introductory level language classes wondering "why are they teaching us 'I want to work at the United Nations' before teaching us how to properly order food at a restaurant?"

[expand title="Read More"]Garrett and Drew met while studying Arabic at Indiana University in 2012. Together, we spent hours upon hours outside of class practicing, doing homework, and trying to supplement classroom materials. We even developed our own reference and tip sheets.

Using just the barebones textbooks wasn’t going to cut it; yes, it was going to help us make high marks, but it certainly wasn’t going to help us speak like a native. We needed more. More time, more resources, (and most importantly) more language.

As we advanced, we continued to send each other links, shared responsibility in buying extra textbooks, and found YouTube and music videos to keep thinking about the language (even outside of class). We began sharing these resources with classmates and included them in the daily study sessions. This became the unofficial start of Critical Language Mentor.

We kept these lessons in mind as we moved on to study other languages. As Garrett transitioned into the civilian sector, he suggested we pay it forward and help future language students by making these resources available to the public and compile them all in one place. Combining Garrett’s military and contracting experience with Drew’s civilian and nonprofit experience, we have found resources to help students who want to transfer their skills to the military, intelligence, and civilian worlds.

As Critical Language Mentor continues to develop, Garrett and Drew find new resources to help language students who are focusing on critical, less-commonly taught languages. From Job Boards to podcasts, CLM is working to provide every language student with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.[/expand]

Meet the Team

We want every language learner—from a college freshman to a government analyst—to excel and understand their language.
We've been there. We've spent hours upon hours working to finish our homework, trying to understand the I'raab, or trying to understand what that spotty radio broadcast is saying. We don't want you to have the same experiences we did. It should be easier.

An officer in the US Army, Garrett commissioned through Indiana University’s Army ROTC program while obtaining a graduate degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.

Garrett helps run a 501(c)3 military non-profit called Wish for our Heroes, mentors military cadets across the country, is a cyber threat analyst, is a mediocre runner and whiskey aficionado



Vice President

Drew graduated from Indiana University after studying Political Science and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. In addition to studying Arabic since high school, he has lived and studied in Arabic in Jordan, Persian in Tajikistan, and Kurdish at IU.

He recently returned from living and working in Namibia, where he taught English and worked with a regional branch of the Ministry of Education to analyze school-related data.

What are you waiting for?

Start learning today. Your language skills will thank you.

Want to reach Garrett or Drew, simply email criticallanguagementor@gmail.com