Indiana University

Indiana University’s Intensive Summer program, called the Summer Language Workshop, goes beyond the classroom to engage with language and culture through clubs, cooking demonstrations, conversation tables, research groups, music, dance, film nights, and more.

The program includes study in small classes with highly qualified instructors. Undergraduate and graduate funding is available.

National Security Agency

The National Security Agency's Summer Language Program is a 12-week internship intended for high-potential, full-time college upperclassmen and graduate students.

Foreign language proficiency combined with a wide array of majors and minors will be considered for this program, which can be a one-summer or two-summer internship. Participation during a second summer is encouraged but not required.

At the end of your internship, an offer may be extended for you to join NSA in a full-time position after graduation.

To access the application, type in the keywords “Summer Language Program," in the Basic Job Search box.

IMPORTANT: When applying online, you may submit only your resume. Please email all other required documentation to

Disclaimer: CLM does not necessarily endorse any one of these programs. The information is intended to provide students with resources that aid them in selecting a program that suits their interests and needs.