Teach Me Persian Dictionary

Teach Me Persian is a great resource for new students learning Persian.

You can search for definitions in English, Persian, or by using the transliteration. The definition page includes the Persian word, the transliteration, the part of speech, and the pronunciation.

They even include sentences in formal and colloquial dialects!


A good online dictionary resource that gives context for all the words, both English-Persian and vice versa.


An easy to use resource, Farsi 123 provides context for each word in both English and Persian. This resource is highly recommended for Persian students at each level.

Persian Pod 101

Setting up a free account is highly recommended for every student.

Looking for Something More Stationary?

Check out our list of hard-copy dictionaries!

In addition to these online reference materials, check out our list of hard-copy dictionaries, a necessity for any language learner.