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Branah Persian Keyboard

This online keyboard allows you to easily type in Farsi without installing anything else. Simply use your keyboard or click the letters you would like to type.

It even works on mobile!


Lexilogos is an online keyboard for almost any language in the world.

Unlike the other Persian Keyboards provided, this keyboard is activated by transliteration (If you want to type the Persian word for book, you type "ktab"). If you get confused, there are keys you can click on to enter letters.

It takes a little getting use to, but once you do its a fast effective way to type in Persian.

Persian Keyboard Stickers

These easy to apply high quality stickers are great ways to have the Persian letters on your computer keyboard! They are transparent with orange letters, so they are bound to stick out so you'll never forget where the letters are!


Online Keyboard

This virtual keyboard allows you to type in Persian without having to download any additional software. To use the on-screen keyboard, simply click the letters you would like to write, or use the keyboard keys that correspond with them.

The keyboard event links directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google Translate, YouTube, and Google Search, so there is no more unnecessary copy and pasting!

Silicone Persian Keyboard Cover

This removable keyboard cover hugs your Apple Laptop keyboard and is a great way to have the Persian letters on your keyboard, and keep your keyboard dust free! Black and stylish, this cover looks exactly like the pre-existing keyboard, and will intrigue everyone who looks at your computer!