Al Monitor

Al Monitor features reporting and analysis from journalists and experts from the Middle East. Its Iran Pulse section is compiled of news from and about Iran, written in Persian and English. This is an incredible resource because you can use the English versions to build your Persian language reading skills.

BBC Persian

BBC Persian is a news website that broadcasts from London. They translate all their BBC English articles into Persian, which is a great resource for learning.

Voice of America

Voice of America is a U.S. Government-funded multimedia news source and the official external broadcasting institution of the United States. VOA offers Persian language broadcasts and news articles.

Jadid Online

Jadid Online publishes reports by a new generation of journalists, mainly from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, in Persian and English.

Jadid provides original snapshots of life in their societies in multimedia formats, from new angles, offering new voices and images.

IranTracker is a project of the American Enterprise Institute's Critical Threats Project. Though it is written solely in English, it does provide some valuable background to understanding Iran.

EuroNews-Farsi and English

Euronews, the most-watched news channel in Europe, is a multimedia platform that broadcasts in Persian and English 24/7.

We've included this for you to show what news broadcasted from other countries, and also because its good to get a different look at news stories in Farsi.

Manoto News

Manoto News, which also has a great YouTube Channel, is a less formal news resource than some of the other ones mentioned.

The Youtube Channel, features shows like Chera Ke Na, an Iranian woman traveling through England working a variety of jobs, Shabake Nim, a satirical show about current events in Iran, Befarmaim Sham, stories about Iranian families, Iin Hafte, a panel discussing recent events.

Radio Farda

Radio Farda is the Iranian branch of the U.S. Government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). It broadcasts in Persian 24 hours a day from Prague.

It also has an iPhone app. For a complete list of applications, visit the list of non-traditional online resources.


IranWire is a joint venture of a group of Iranian journalists in the Diaspora, creating a forum in which young Iranians can discuss national and local news.

Though it is published in both English and Persian, the English version publishes a fraction of the articles on the Persian site.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these news outlets do not reflect the views of Critical Language Mentor. They are provided for you to improve your language skills, and are a great way to improve your understanding of local dialects and cultural issues.