Military Only Resources

In order to access these resources you must have a .gov or .mil email address or a Common Access Card (CAC)

AKO Resources

AKO provides resources for interpreters, FAO, and other language based MOS’s. The resources included here are mostly PDF’s and strict military related resources.

They serve as good supplemental resources, but Defense Language Institute and Joint Language University are better options.


Transparent Language works with the U.S. Government's language community to create better ways to blend technology with human instruction.

The CL-150 is made available to U.S. military and federal government personnel and is sponsored through the Department of Defense's Joint Language University (JLU).

Partner Language Training Center Europe

The Partner Language Training Center Europe is a NATO Partner Training and Education Center that offers advanced and specialized classroom instruction in Persian-Farsi to more than 400 US military and NATO partner attendees each year.

This is a cheap option for language refresher courses for your unit because you don't need a car, live in the barracks, and eat on the base.

The Joint Language University

The Joint Language University is a language training portal serving the U.S. Government. That being said, you must have access to a .mil or .gov email address in order to use the site.

All materials are free and available to current federal and DOD employees. Resources include targeted language training, assessments objects, and culture training.

In addition to other benefits, JLU offers formal certificates of completion with your name, the course title, and date.

Visit the JLU

Defense Connect Online

Run by the Defense Language Institute, Defense Connect Online offers a wide range of classes designed to raise the language level of every day linguists.


The Special Operations Forces Tele-training System uses the latest technology and computer webcams to improve the language skills of Special Forces units.

SOF Units don't always fill the classes, so the courses are open to other military personnel. These courses are for lower level students, those with skills in the 0+ to 1+ range.

Military Resources Open to the Public

Defense Language Institute

The Defense Language Institute’s Global Language Online Support System (DLI GLOSS) consists of lessons developed for independent learners to improve their language skills.

All materials are based on authentic materials–ranging from articles and TV reports to radio broadcasts. GLOSS’s feedback provides language learners with thorough explanations and tutoring.

If you are deploying, you can order materials for your unit!

DLI offers language materials–everything from HeadStart to Language Survival Kits, and more–FREE of charge. This is especially helpful for officers and NCOs in charge.

Click here for more information and the ordering form

Synchronous Online Farsi Sustainment (SOFS)

Arizona State University DC Center offers a two-week ILR 0-3 synchronous on-line Farsi sustainment/refreshment course. The course comprises six hours daily of face-to-face online contact with the instructor in Adobe Connect and two hours of individual supervised homework activities with authentic materials on Blackboard.

The course is free for Department of Defense personnel. Non-DOD personnel should contact the Melikian Center for more information.