Korean Grammar in Use

This series represents a departure from most current integrated teaching materials, allowing foreign learners to more easily concentrate on grammar in their study of Korean.

The authors have included real dialogues and illustrations to make the study of Korean more interesting, especially for those students who have heretofore felt Koran grammar to be difficult.

Further, this series equally serves as a general Korean grammar reference that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who regularly experience the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar first-hand.

TOPIK in 30 Days

TOPIK in 30 Days is a textbook for foreigners who are preparing for the intermediate level TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea). It's organized for learners to learn new words that frequently appear on TOPIK and make them able to check their improved capability by solving the review questions.

The authors have analyzed questions from past TOPIK exams, and have selected the most frequent words. These have been organized into a 30 day curriculum. Similar words are grouped together, and students can review words they already know.

Ewha Korea

Ewha Korean is a series of textbooks and workbooks, comprising 26 volumes from level 1 through level 6, for students learning Korean.

It is a comprehensive textbook advancing students speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

The “Try it” section in each chapter is designed to help students improve their conversation skills without memorization by creating their own dialogue according to a given situation and explanation of the flow of the dialogue and vocabulary.

Yonsei Korean

This textbook is an integrated collection, made up of various kinds of tasks and activities as well as focused practices of vocabulary and grammar. These practices enhance all of the four communicative skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The interesting topics and situations discussed in the textbooks will enable learners to perform a wide range of communicative functions using the Korean language.

Each book is composed to develop the communicative functions that are required according to the learners’ capability of the Korean usage.