Skill Resources


Popup Chinese

Popup Chinese is a Chinese Podcast geared towards students from Beginner to Advanced level. This program offers free and premium accounts. Free users get to listen to the MP3. By paying for a premium account, you'll get access to the MP3 and a transcript of the episode.


SkepToid is podcast, originally broadcast in English and now Chinese, that debunks myths behind misinformation and urban legends. Topics discussed range from consumer fraud to conspiracy theories, urban legends to "useless alternative medicine schemes."

Please note: This is hosted on a Chinese domain, so those with a security clearance should use caution when using this resource.


Mandarin Bean

All the reading & listening content on this site are edited by professional Chinese teachers knowledgeable on HSK 1-6 levels. We also provide online HSK sample tests for those who will take HSK tests. We hope all learners can improve their Chinese listening & reading skills and pass the HSK tests because of our content.


CSLPOD has over 1600 podcasts and Chinese lessons. The free version has lessons with an English translation. By buying the premium version, you'll have access to the lesson audio (with subtitles), a PDF learning guide, vocabulary and sentence text and audio, and much more!