Chinese Simplified News

A project of the National Capital Language Resource Center, The Chinese Simplified News is a resource that provides news broadcasts and exercises for students with listening skills at Intermediate-mid to Intermediate-high on the ACTFL scale.

Although the Resource Center is no longer active, you can still use the resources on their website.

To use this site: click the links in the yellow box to the left to listen to an audio exercise. Take your time listening before completing the exercises.

BBC Chinese

Run by the British Broadcasting Company, BBC Chinese offers a translation of the BBC's English service into Mandarin.


Sina is a Chinese online media company that operates in both English and Chinese. Sina's domestic political news is sourced from The People’s Dailyor Xinhua News Agency.

New York Times Chinese

Launched in June 2012, this was the first foreign language variant of the New York Times. Written in both traditional and simplified Chinese, this is an incredible resource because you can practice your reading skills and then read the English version of the article to make sure you understood the main idea.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these news outlets do not reflect the views of Critical Language Mentor. They are provided for you to improve your language skills, and are a great way to improve your understanding of local dialects and cultural issues.