Desert Sky

Arabic Desert-Sky features lists of searchable online vocabulary lists in both Modern Standard and Egyptian dialects, as well as local idioms, proverbs, and sayings.

Also included on this site are descriptions of the most common and most difficult grammatical points, including verb conjugations and case endings.

This is one of the best Arabic resources, and Garrett and Drew used it daily to help them pass Arabic.


Almaany translates to 'meaning’ in Arabic.

In one section, "كلمات القران", the site breaks up the Quran by sura. If you come across a word you don’t know, just click it! You’ll be transported to that word’s dictionary entry.

"قواميس اللغة" is a series of dictionaries. There are Arabic to English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, and more.

Arabic English Dictionary

This is a searchable online dictionary that lists verb forms and roots. It also shows appropriate prepositions and plurals.

Curious on how to pronounce the word? Check out the button on the right side of the word! It’ll teach you how to pronounce the singular and plural forms!

The Living Arabic Project

The Living Arabic Project is an incredible dictionary that shows language learners both the term in Classical Arabic and in the Dialect at the same time.

Currently, Living Arabic Project supports Egyptian, Levantine (which encompasses Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian Arabic), and Classical Arabic.

Users can also search by root, by word, or browse the general dictionary.


Fuzzy is a great resource for new students learning Arabic.

You can look up Arabic word without knowing how to spell! Transliterate any Arabic word and see the verb form, root, and meaning.

Check out our Hard Copy Dictionaries

Check Out Our List of Hard-Copy Dictionaries

In addition to these online reference materials, check out our list of hard-copy dictionaries, a necessity for any language learner.