Skill Resources



Desert-Sky provides vocabulary lists in Modern Standard Arabic, the Egyptian (Cairene) dialect, and transliterations. There are also pages for colloquial expressions, proverbs, and sayings.

Desert Sky's grammar lessons provide information on various topics such as pronouns, verb conjugations and tenses, and more. All grammar pages include examples to show usage.

Arabic Grammar Database

The Arabic Grammar Database offers particle specific instruction. For each grammar particle (negations, nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc.), there are exercises based on topic and difficulty ratings.


Five Colleges

Five Colleges provides study guides in Modern Standard Arabic, and Algerian, Moroccan, and Hassaniyan Arabic. There is a section where you can compare common phrases across the major dialects, as well as a collection of formal spoken Arabic dialogue.

The CultureTalk resources provide video interviews conducted by Five College international students. Subtitles are provided, and there are transcripts in Arabic as well. There are also videos on the Palestinian Dialect in Jordan.