Foreign Language Skills... No Longer Just for the Government

Contrary to public belief, the federal government and military aren't the only sectors that need foreign language capable staff. In fact, in the last five years, businesses have seen a increased need of foreign language speakers. Whether you'll be communicating with existing clients, or leading the charge to enter new markets around the world, having a foreign language skill can help you in the private sector.

 As we become more globally intertwined, the need for linguistic and cultural competency grows daily. Having this skills can increase your pay, or may make you a viable candidate for promotion or an executive position within your company. But more importantly, fluency in a foreign language an rewire your brain to approach a problem or issue differently than your monolingual colleagues.

Below are a series of job opportunities that will put your critical language skills to work. From education to law, healthcare to private businesses, you will be able to use your language skills on a daily basis.

Business Language Jobs

By submitting your resume through Critical Language Mentor, we can guarantee that your application will be read by a hiring professional at that organization. We have connections to the following institutions, and are committed to helping language proficient personnel find institutions that will treat them right, help them grow their language skills, and contribute in a meaningful way.

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Language on Demand, a language instruction organization in Virginia, is searching for a full time short term Program Manager with 2-3 years experience managing language instructors.

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Washington, DC Area
Posted 3 years ago

Exiger has a current need for Hebrew, Korean, Dutch and Japanese proficient candidates with emphasis on comprehension skills above conversational skills. Clearances are not required and this is a great opportunity for recent college graduates with language and research skills.

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