Take Your Language Skills to the Next Level

You’ve spent a long time developing your language skills, now is the time to take those years of hard work and put them to use! Transitioning from the classroom to the working world is hard, and finding the right skills to showcase can make or break your application.

Right now, employers all around the country are looking for candidates with your set of skills. From the military to non-profits, government to business, there are tons of opportunities to find language jobs within your area of interest!

Some of them require that you live in the region for several years, others require a security clearance. Just like the rest of our site, we’re providing links to organizations in both the civilian and military fields. As usual, all of the organizations included in our job boards are vetted, and are trusted and do important work around the country and the globe.

Chinese Language Jobs
Business Language Jobs

It’s hard to find language jobs on those other sites. Whether there are too many ads, the companies aren’t legitimate, or the sheer number of unrelated jobs when you search for “Korean” or “Farsi” is too much to handle, we’re cutting through the noise to bring the best language jobs right to you!

Start Browsing Language Jobs Now!

To find jobs, or if you are a recruiter, post and check out the SLACK Channel!

Disclaimer:  CLM does not necessarily endorse the organizations listed on the job openings page. This is meant to serve as a resource for job seekers to find opportunities to utilize their language skills in the workforce.