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The Language Happy Hour

In our podcast, we sit down with language students, professionals, and job recruiters to discuss how you can better your language skills and what you need to know when applying for language-based jobs!

Language Happy Hour

CLM's YouTube Channel

Head over to YouTube to find playlists featuring Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and Korean music. These playlists are great for keeping your mind engaged while you work on other tasks--from laundry to cleaning.

Critical Language Mentor

Boren Fellowship & Scholarship

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships focus on regions, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security. Applications focusing on Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Persian are among the languages given preference.

Summer Program

Search for Language Jobs

Are you currently in school and thinking "What can I actually do with my language skills besides joining the CIA, or working with the Peace Corps?" Or maybe you're currently searching for opportunities to leverage your critical language skills?

Check out our SLACK Channel for more jobs on the job board channel.  If you are a recruiter feel free to post your positions.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Are you a soldier who’s getting ready to deploy, and wants to better your language skills to ensure safety and security?

Are you an aspiring diplomat, who wants to learn how to speak colloquial dialects to better engage with grassroots movements abroad?

Are you trying to conduct academic research in one of these regions and want to better understand texts and conduct interviews?

We have specific resources for all of you!

We give you robust tools to promote their critical language skills. Critical Language Mentor builds upon a well-rounded foundation for language learning.

So if you’re frustrated with the quality of your language textbooks, or are wondering why you’re learning how to say “I want to work at the United Nations” before asking someone to pass the salt...take a look at our resources, join the slack channel, contribute and learn!

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Critical Language Mentor, CLM, is a resource consolidation and mentorship website for language learners, specializing in Critical, Less-Commonly Taught Languages. A place to congregate, build relationships, share training, expertise, and career advice for critical language learners

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